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    ALL OF YOU, READ THIS: Comments to & about forum members

    "Oh don't bother, he's just a troll."

    "Why do you even come here?"

    "You're so blinded by your hate/love of *insert character* that..."

    "Ha, _____ will be pissed when she hears this "

    "Why do you always say these things? I've seen you post similar stuff in thread X before, like when...*insert 5 paragraphs analyzing the member's posting behavior*"


    Since our announcement about "discuss the anime, not its fandom" has vanished into oblivion, I've seen tons of posts like the above again. For the record: They're not allowed. They're considered to be spam or even flaming. SPPf members have nothing to do with the anime.

    Do NOT call other people trolls or troublemakers. Report them in instances where you think they're trolling or breaking other rules. Do NOT tell others to ignore certain people. Ignore them yourself and keep your personal opinion about these people to yourself as well. Do NOT question other people's reasons for coming here or tell them to leave the section. If someone excessively hates on a specific series or the entire anime so (passive-)aggressively that it's no longer constructive criticism, tell us and we will deal with them. Not you. Do NOT bore us with posts on how often you were right with predictions or how often certain people were wrong.

    As with our policy on other off-topic posts, you're safe if

    - it's a small comment that doesn't take up the majority of your post AND
    - it obviously has no malicious content, e.g. "Oh, _______ will be overjoyed when she sees this. She loves this Pokémon, doesn't she?" If you simply want to tease, you'll do so at your own risk. If we don't get the joke it's your loss.

    Thanks for reading :]

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    READ BEFORE POSTING - Spoilers go in the Spoilers forum!

    Pokémon Animé Discussion is where you discuss what has happened in the dub episodes thus far.

    Animé Spoilers is where you discuss the latest episodes as they air in Japan - meaning everything that has happened so far in the series, not limited to what happens in the dub.

    Can you all differentiate between the two forums now?
    Okay, cool.
    If you still do not understand the difference between the two, PM me - I will definitely get you to understand this somehow.

    Posting spoilers in Pokémon Animé Discussion will get you a three point infraction for disobeying the rules of a specific subforum.

    Post spoilers in the Animé Spoilers forum!